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The TNW Night Network

The TNW Night Network

On until dawn

So whether you go by tram, bus or train, or a combination of all three, everyone in the region gets to travel around cost-effectively and in safety. In addition to weekends, TNW’s night network also runs throughout Fasnacht, during the Bundesfeier am Rhein night festivities on 31st July to celebrate Swiss National Day, and to round off the year, New Year's Eve as well. The TNW publishes special timetables for these night-time services.


Here you find an overview of the night network for Basel and the whole TNW area.

Greater Basel area night network 2021
TNW area night network 2021

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Passengers using the Night Network services can feel safe in the knowledge that the TNW ensures that all security staff are fully trained.

These specialist security teams are responsible for patrolling passenger compartments of the buses, trains and trams that criss-cross the TNW network.


As with normal daytime services, passengers will need to carry a valid TNW ticket when travelling on the TNW night network.

Network & Timetables

TNW provides a variety of Night Network travel options throughout the North-West Switzerland public transport network region. Passengers can choose between train, tram and bus services that operate through the nights of Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday.


Map of the network

Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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