TNW – Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz

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An hour’s free parking and then tootle around on our buses & trams

Effective now, Basel offers even more: extra comfort, extra convenience and a wide variety of public transport options. Park your car in one of the City’s five car parks (City, Storchen, Elisabethen, Steinen and St. Jakob) and use the City Park & Ride to explore all of Basel City by tram and bus.

Here we go!

Validate your combined ticket before leaving the car park and when you get back to pick up the car, just pay for parking as usual, plus your public transport ticket.

Keeping you comfortable – that’s the whole point

Take the tram and bus at your convenience without worrying about buying the right ticket each time you hop on.

Get one hour’s free parking as well as attractive public transport tariffs

The price is calculated according to hours travelled and entitle you to free travel throughout the city and the surrounding area (TNW zone 10). The City Park & Ride ticket can be purchased for two, four, six or eight people.

City Park & Ride Prices
Parking duration Price, exclusive of parking charge
2 people 4 people 6 people 8 people
1 hour 6.80, first hour free parking 13.60, first hour free parking 20.40, first hour free parking 27.20, first hour free parking
2 hours 8.40 plus parking fee 16.80 plus parking fee 25.20 plus parking fee 33.60 plus parking fee
3 hours 10.00 plus parking fee 20.00 plus parking fee 30.00 plus parking fee 40.00 plus parking fee
4 hours 11.60 plus parking fee 23.20 plus parking fee 34.80 plus parking fee 46.40 plus parking fee
5 hours 13.20 plus parking fee 26.40 plus parking fee 39.60 plus parking fee 52.80 plus parking fee
6 hours and over 14.80 plus parking fee 29.60 plus parking fee 44.40 plus parking fee 59.20 plus parking fee
All prices are in CHF, including VAT. Prices subject to change. Tickets authorise free travel in 2nd class within the TNW Zone 10 for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people during the parking period.

Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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