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yumuv: urban transport via an app

yumuv makes it easy for you to travel, even if you don’t own your ride. At the moment we are developing different kind of bundles and try to find out which bundle best suits your needs. Payment will be quick, easy and secure via the app.

The yumuv bundles are now avaliable in Basel.

yumuv subscriptions are valid for 30 days from date of purchase.

Depending on your subscription plan 60 or 90 minutes are included on the ride of your choice - VOI or TIER (or Mobility depending on your subscription plan).

You can subscribe to the bundle directly in the app and pay with your credit card.

Automatic renewal
The subscription will be automatically renewed each month. You can easily cancel your subscription in the app dashboard.

Public Transport
To by and use this offering, you need to be in possesstion of a valid TNW U-Abo or a GA.

The yumuv easy bundle is a limited offer and we cannot always guarantee availability.

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Map of the network

Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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