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Mobility Carsharing

Mobility Carsharing is the ideal addition to an annual U-Abo season ticket. 2860 cars are available to you at over 1,500 locations in Switzerland.

Thanks to the nationwide network, you can reach your destination quickly and conveniently by public transport. In combination with Mobility Carsharing, you have a seamless connection without the hassle of using your own car. Just reserve a Mobility vehicle anytime round the clock, unlock the door with your Mobility card and drive off. Easy and flexible.

There are nine different vehicle categories, from compact two-seaters to transporter vans. Payment for each journey is based on time used and kilometres driven (fuel, service, repairs, insurance and administration are all included). For more information, please visit

Map of the network

Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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