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The TNW no longer produces or distributes printed regional timetables. The reason for this is that increasing numbers of people prefer to check online and mobile channels to obtain the information they need.

We are aware that this decision can be a disadvantage for some customers. To help you on your way, the latest printable timetables can be found at any time on the daily updated homepages of (accessible via the "Connections" pull-down tab in the menu margin on the left side of the page). They can also be found on the homepages of the transport companies serving the Region, e.g.;;; and

Depending on your needs, you can also print out timetables listed by route and by bus-stop or tram/train station. More information can be found under Overview of timetables by stop/station. You can also use the timetable apps on the Region’s transport companies. For more information see Online timetable.

The customer centres of these transport companies are still available for timetable information (please note that some charge for telephone information).