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U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket

U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket

With the U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket, companies have a valuable means to help motivate employees to switch to public transport. More than 30,000 employees in the Basel region have already taken advantage of this offer.

Road traffic is growing steadily, with the result that parking spaces are increasingly difficult to find. Some 110 well-known businesses in Greater Basel have already succeeded in launching the U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket. Companies including Bell, Basler Versicherungen, Birkhäuser, Claraspital, Coop headquarters, Globus, IBM and DHL have all taken up the fight against congested roadspace and scarce parking. They do this by allowing their employees to travel to work on public transport – all at the young adult’s reduced rate. Not only do these companies offer their employees a lucrative fringe benefit by relieving congestion on our roads, together they also make a substantial ecological contribution to the region.

The U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket is available to all companies with more than 100 employees. Like the U-Abo Subscription, it is valid without any restrictions to location throughout the entire TNW network. This means that employees can use the U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket for both work and leisure. All at an unbeatable price. In order to take advantage of this offer, employees of companies registered in the scheme pay only CHF 57 per month or CHF 542 a year. This compares with the regular adult tariff of CHF 86 per month or CHF 824 a year, with the difference being paid by the employer, a benefit of CHF 29 to each employee. All supplementary costs are borne by the TNW when new U-Abo as a Jobticket subscribers join up, with the employing company only needing to pay the original one-time fee calculated when the company joined the U-Abo Subscription as a Jobticket programme.

Truly, a win-win situation for...

  • ...employees, because they can take advantage of the whole TNW network at the young adult’s reduced rate.
  • ...companies, because of an attractive employee fringe benefit that also eases expensive parking problems.

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