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TNW Newsletter

The TNW Newsletter provides you with the latest information about the TNW (Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz) quickly and easily. At regular intervals, we like to draw your attention to events and information on public transport and special offers.

You can register for the newsletter (available only in German) here.

Frequently asked questions about the newsletter

The TNW would like to produce and send out a newsletter (available only in German) on a regular basis. This newsletter will provide information about timetable changes and the latest news. In addition, events with special tickets or ticket integration in the TNW area will be pointed out. The newsletter will be sent out for the first time on 8 August 2019 and will then be sent out at least twice a year (at the time of the timetable change) and a maximum of 10 times a year.

Why did I receive the newsletter from TNW?
The TWN Newsetter is brand new and was sent out for the first time on 8 August 2019. You gave us your email address (either in the user survey or the Day Ticket competition) with the option for us to use it for information purposes.

Where did you get my email address?
E-mail addresses had to be provided to enter the competition in the 2018 user study and the 2017 Day Ticket campaign. You ticked the option for TNW to write to you for information and marketing purposes in your response.

I have not/never signed up for the TNW newsletter.
It is true that you did not actively sign up for the TNW newsletter. This was also sent out for the first time on 8 August. However, you have given us permission to write to you for information and marketing purposes.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. If you wish to do so, you can click on the «unsubscribe from newsletter» link at the very bottom of the last newsletter. If the next newsletter is already being processed before your address has been deleted, you may receive another newsletter from us. We apologise for this inconvenience.

What is the added value of this newsletter?
With this newsletter we would like to inform you about current events that you can get to with a special ticket or even ticket integration with public transport. It also enables us to inform you about the planned timetable change without you having to actively search for this information, e.g. on our homepage.

How often will the newsletter be published?
It is planned that the newsletter will appear at least twice - each time at the timetable change - up to a maximum of ten times per year.

The pictures/newsletter are/is not displayed correctly.
1) You can change your settings either by clicking on the link in the footnote of the newsletter.

2) Or you can click «here» at the very top of your mail at "If there are problems with the way this message is displayed, click here...".

3) In the newsletter itself you will also be asked if you want to view the email in your browser, this can also lead to the images being displayed correctly.

What happens to my data, what data do you have from me?
We only have your e-mail address stored - no name, address or other personal data. The e-mail addresses are managed by the TNW. However, they are stored on the server of an external company that specialises in this type of data management. It goes without saying that the TNW attaches the greatest importance to the privacy of its customers. The applicable Swiss data protection regulations are complied with.