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Frequently asked questions

Which U-Abo Subscriptions have additional validity on the German side of the border?

Both monthly and annual U-Abos Subscription benefit from mutual ticket recognition. These comprise U-Abo Subscriptions for adults, young adutls, senior citizens and those receiving invalidity benefits, job tickets, dogs and combination Abos that include a full U-Abo, such as module subscription, Distripass (TNW and DistriBus) or subscription Presto combiné TNW (TNW and SNCF).

Can I use the U-Abo Subscription to travel to more distant places in the RVL, such as Kandern or Feldberg?

The U-Abo Subscription is recognised in RVL zones 1, 2 and 3. Anyone wishing to travel beyond these zones on the German side of the RVL requires a separate RVL ticket, available from bus drivers or ticket machines. Frequent travellers can purchase multiple-journey tickets valid from network providers and use them for travel in the additional zones.

Which U-Abo Subscription benefit from expanded validity on the DistriBus lines?

Both monthly and annual TNW U-Abo Subscriptions benefit from mutual subscription recognition. These are U-Abo Subscription for adults, young people, senior citizens & recipients of invalidity benefit Jobticket, dogs as well as combination season tickets which include a full U-Abo such as Modul-Abo, Abo Presto combiné TNW (TNW and SNCF) and RegioCard Plus (TNW and RVL).

I own the TNW U-Abo Subscription. Is this valid on SNCF trains to Saint-Louis?

No. The U-Abo Subscription is valid at any time and anywhere in the TNW region. Therefore, you could use the U-Abo Subscription to travel to the St. Johann station, but you must buy an additional ticket to go with the SNCF train beyond the TNW network. For more information, visit the triregio Website (German).

What does «registered in the network» mean?

If you are registered in a municipality that is within the Northwestern Switzerland tariff network, you are registered in the network area. So, for example, if you are registered as resident in Zurich but live in the TNW region during the week you are not considered as registered in the TNW network area.

If I receive early retirement, do I immediately qualify for a U-Abo Subscription for senior citizens?

No. The discounted U-Abo Subscription for senior citizens rate is only valid on reaching the official Swiss retirement age: 64 for women and 65 for men.

I have a U-Abo Subscription, valid for 2nd class travel on SBB trains. Sometimes, however, I would like to ride 1st class. How do I go about this?

You have to buy a class upgrade U-Abo Subscription at the SBB sales office for any month you would like this additional feature. This upgrade costs the same as a 2nd class U-Abo Subscription.

Can I use Reka cheques to pay for a TNW U-Abo Subscription?

Yes, at BVB, BLT and SBB sales offices you can pay with Reka money. For technical reasons, however, the U-Abo as a Jobticket, Distripass and FVP U-Abo are not available at SBB outlets. Reka Card is not accepted at BLT outlets or green ticket machines.

If I am caught by a ticket inspector without my U-Abo Subscription, can I produce it sometime later?

If it is a non-transferable U-Abo Subscription, yes. Anyone who can present this U-Abo Subscription within a set time following an inspection is not fined, but will be required to pay an administration fee of CHF 5.

I bought the wrong ticket and subsequently failed a ticket inspection check. What will happen?

The fee will be reduced from CHF 100 to CHF 75 (fee and fare) for the first incident in the following cases:

- Missing class upgrade (on condition that you have a valid 2nd class ticket)
- Wrong zone
- Wrong route (on condition that you have a valid ticket for the same departure and destination location via another route)

I would like to pay at the ticket machine in Germany for the return trip in Swiss Francs (CHF) and receive a different faire in CHF than from Switzerland to Germany. How is the tariff for the return trip calculated?

The tariffs are valid in the currency of the respective country. The translation of a tariff into a different currency is being calculated by the ticket machine in the respective country at a given exchange rate applied in the public transport business. Therefore, it differs from the fixed exchange rate used to determine the triregio tariffs in CHF and EUR for TNW and RVL.

Can I use the Multi-use Ticket for 2-zones for a trip to Germany?

With the introduction of the triregio tariffs as of June 2018, tickets can only be purchased at the ticket machine or via cell phone as mobile tickets. Multi-use Tickets will be available only as mobile tickets via BLT-App «Tickets». The usage of the previous Multi-use Tickets (2-zones) to Germany are no longer accepted.

Which ticket do I need to purchase going to Saint-Louis in France with Tram 3?

With the U-Abo Subscription and the GA Travelcard the transport on line 3 to France is free of charge. For more information, please refer to the separate page Tarif Inflex.

Will I receive compensation if my public transport vehicle is delayed?

Starting January 1, 2021, extended passenger rights apply to public transport services.

If you arrive at your destination at least one hour late, you are entitled to claim compensation. The amount of compensation depends on the fare paid as well as the length of the delay. In addition to the right to compensation, passengers also have other rights in the event of delays. For more information and the compensation claim form, please visit

I have no smartphone and would like to take along a timetable on paper for my trip?

All timetables are located on our website "Timetable & routes", overview: by bus or tram stop. These can be printed an one A4-page. The timetables can be found in the search window by entering the stop name, alternativly on the same page below are all lines by number where the stops can be retrieved.

Are subscriptions that are transferable within a network also freely transferable outside Switzerland?

No. These Abo subscriptions are not transferable abroad. They are only valid for those overseas routes or zones that have been authorised and then only for the holder named on the ticket. For RegioCard monthly and annual passes, the name of the holder must be written on the back.

From time to time, I travel with my family from Sissach to Basel. What is the cheapest way to do this?

The Northwestern Switzerland tariff network recognises accompanied children with the Children's Co-Travelcard (Kinder-Mitfahrkarte). With this, if you have a single ticket, Multi-use Ticket (Mehrfahrtenkarte) or a U-Abo Subscription, children under the age of 16 may travel free of charge. Furthermore, if you have a Half Fare Travelcard, Single and Multi-use Tickets at the reduced rate can be used.

Why does the GA Travelcard (Swiss General Abonnement) not have the same validity extension as the U-Abo Subscription?

The TNW and RVL networks have many aspects in common. This has made it possible to extend the validity of their own network services. The GA Travelcard, on the other hand, is a Swiss national product and is valid only within the country’s borders. Although Swiss national tickets are also valid in the TNW area and TNW tickets are also valid on long-distance trains within the TNW area, in Germany different regulations apply. Germany operates a clearer separation between local/regional and long-distance routes, and this separation also applies to ticketing. For this reason, the GA Travelcard cannot be recognised in Germany in terms of alliance cooperation in the same way as the U-Abo Subscription. However, the local service, the RVL, offers a solution to the problem of cross-border GA Travelcard recognition in a separate joint project between the TNW and the RVL. Both organisations will work towards this solution following the introduction of the ticket/time extension scheme.

I have a GA Travelcard (General Abonnement) and would like to travel to somewhere just over the border. What do I need?

Half Fare Travelcards and GA Travelcards are valid up to the Swiss border, but not to any destinations beyond. GA Travelcard holders can buy a connecting ticket at ticket machines. This will take them to their destination over the border. For the return journey, passengers will need to buy a ticket in Germany, in Euros, to cover the German section of the journey back to the Swiss border.

During a trial period of two years, starting June 2021, the GA Travelcard will be recognised as valid to travel in the DistriBus area.

Can I still use the RVL-PunkteCard for cross-border traffic?

The RVL (Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach) network has been offering a printed triregio multi-use card since April 5, 2019. The RVL-PunkteCard is not accepted as a ticket in the TNW.

Can I travel with the Swiss Travel Pass in the whole area of the TNW?

The Swiss Travel Pass is valid on all public transport systems in towns and cities marked on the map with a red/white dot. Within the TNW area, these are the cities of Basel, Dornach, Pratteln, Liestal and Rheinfelden. The card is further valid on the indicated routes on the map for the Swiss Travel Pass. This map and more information can be found in the following brochure.

Can I get a discount if I have a Half Fare Travelcard (Halbtax)?

With the exception of the U-Abo Subscription and cross-border tickets, all TNW tickets are valid in combination with the Half Fare Travelcard.