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Frequently asked questions

Can I use the RVL PunteCard for cross boarder travelling?

The RVL (Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach) offers a printed mulit-use ticket as of April 5th, 2019. At the same time, the RVL PunkteCard is no longer accepted as a valid ticket in Switzerland as of April 5th, 2019. PunkteCard purchased before April 5th, 2019 (date on PunkteCard) can be used up until end of April 2019 for cross boarder travelling until TNW Zone 10.

Today, I can use today the mulit-use card for 2 zones for a trip to Germany. When do I get this convenience back for the triregio single tickets?

With the introduction of the triregio tarifs as of June 2018, tickets can only be purchased at the ticket machine or with the bus driver (if applicable). Multi-use tickes will be available as mobile tickets only in the future. The multi-use tickets are expected to be available via BLT-App «Tickets» as of August 2018. During the transition period until August 2018, the usage of the previous multi-use tickets (2-zones) to Germany are tolerated.

I would like to pay the triregio ticket at the ticket machine in a different currency (e.g. in Euro i/o CHF). Why do I get a different price for the triregio tickets than indicated?

The tarifs are valid in the currency of the respective country. The translation of a tarif into a different currency is being calculated by the ticket machine in the respective country at a given exchange rate applied in the public transport business. Therefore, a ticket paid in Switzerland in Euro may vary from the price if the ticket is paid in Germany in Euro for the triregio single tickets.

I have no smartphone and would like to take along a timetable on paper for my trip?

All timetables can be retrieved by tram and bus stop on the website by bus or tram stop and can be printed, as required.

Which ticket do I need to purchase going to Saint-Louis in France with Tram 3?

For more information, please refer to the separate page Tarif Inflex.

I have a U-Abo or General Abonnement (GA) and would like to travel to somewhere just over the border in Germany. What do I need?

U-Abo, Halbtax and GA tickets are valid up to the Swiss border, but not to any destinations beyond. U-Abo and GA holders as well as passengers with a ticket which is valid to the border can buy a connecting ticket at ticket machines. This will take them to their destination over the border. For the return journey, passengers will need to buy a ticket in Germany, in Euros, to cover the German section of the journey back to the Swiss border.

An exception to this rule is tram no. 8: On this route, a U-Abo (but not a GA ticket!) is valid between the border and Weil am Rhein Station or Centre.

Can I travel with the Swiss Travel Card in the whole area of the TNW?

The Swiss Travel card is valid on all public transport systems in towns and cities marked on the map with a red/white dot. Within the TNW area, these are the cities of Basel, Dornach, Pratteln, Liestal and Rheinfelden. The card ist further valid on the indicated routes on the map for the Swiss Travel Card. This map and more information can be found in the following brochure.

Can I get a discount if I have a Halbtax card?

With the exception of U-Abo and cross-border tickets, all TNW tickets at the reduced price are valid in combination with the Half-Fare ticket.

From time to time, I travel with my family from Sissach to Basel. What is the cheapest way to do this?

The North-west Switzerland tariff network recognises accompanied children tickets (Kinder-Mitfahrkarte). With this, if you are have a single ticket, multi-use ticket (Mehrfahrtenkarte) or a U-Abo, children under the age of 16 may travel free of charge. Furthermore, if you have a Halbtax card, single and multi-use tickets at the reduced rate can be used.

If I receive early retirement, do I immediately qualify for a senior citizens' U-Abo?

No. The discounted seniors' U-Abo rate is only valid on reaching the official Swiss retirement age: 64 for women and 65 for men.

I own the TNW U-Abo. Is this valid on SNCF trains to Saint-Louis?

No. Although the U-Abo is valid at any time and anywhere in the TNW region, it is not valid beyond the region. Therefore, you could use the U-Abo to travel to the St. Johann station, but you must buy an additional ticket to go beyond the TNW network. For more information, visit the triregio Website (German).

I have a U-Abo, valid for 2nd class travel on SBB trains. Sometimes, however, I would like to ride 1st class. How do I go about this?

You have to buy a class upgrade U-Abo for any month you would like this additional feature. This upgrade costs the same as a 2nd class U-Abo.

Can I use Reka cheques to pay for a TNW U-Abo?

Yes, at SBB sales offices if you pay the entire price with Reka cheques only. For technical reasons, however, the Job Ticket, AlsaPlus, Distripass and FVP U-Abo are not available at SBB outlets.

Neither BVB nor BLT sale offices can accept Reka cheques.

What does «registered in the network» mean?

If you are registered in a municipality that is within the Nordwestschweiz tariff network, you are registered in the network area. So, for example, if you are registered as resident in Zurich but live in the TNW region during the week are not considered as registered in the TNW network area.

If I am caught by a ticket inspector without my U-Abo, can I produce it sometime later?

If it is a non-transferable U-Abo, yes. Anyone who can present this Abo within a set time following an inspection is not fined, but will be required to pay an administration fee of CHF 5.

I bought the wrong ticket and subsequently failed a ticket inspection check. What will happen?

The fee will be reduced from CHF 100 to CHF 75 in the following cases:

  • Missing class upgrade (on condition that you have a valid 2nd class ticket)
  • Wrong zone
  • Missing night surcharge (on condition that you have a ticket valid for normal travel on that route)
  • Wrong route (on condition that you have a valid ticket for the same departure and destination location via another route)

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