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Courses for Senior Citizens

Personal consultation for digital services of SBB

Buying your next tickets or renewing a travelcard will be even easier and quicker with SBB Mobile and We would be happy to explain how it works.

Could you spare half an hour? Then we would be happy to help you register on and show you how to use the timetable on your smartphone or computer and buy tickets. And we would of course be happy to answer any questions about using our digital channels.

Book your personal, free and no-obligation consultation in one of 50 SBB travel centres. You can find more information here.

For seniors: «Mobil sein & bleiben» Courses

These days, despite the fact that public transport has become simple, convenient, cheap and safe, the hustle and bustle on the streets or the introduction of new ticket machines still manage to unsettle many. Experts from the SBB, the TNW and the police have come together to provide basic information on how to be safe when you’re out and about. You’ll learn how to use ticket machines, which tickets are best for where you want to go and how to find special offers. In addition, crime prevention specialists will show you how you can protect yourself from theft in public places.

You can find more information under ProSenectute or mobilsein.