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Changes at AAGL

Line 70

The Liestal - Bubendorf service at 5.15 am and return with arrival in Liestal at 5.42 am will be canceled due to lack of demand. On Fri/Sat and Sat/Sun nights, there will be a new 4.05 am service from Liestal to Reigoldswil.

Line 71

The school journeys between Reigoldswil and Bretzwil will now be operated under route 74.

Line 72

From Monday to Friday, there will be an additional service from Lupsingen, arriving in Liestal at 5.58 am. The new "Gewerbe" terminus will be put into operation in Lupsingen.

Line 74

A new route designation is introduced for the school journeys between Reigoldswil and Bretzwil.

Lines 75, 76 and 78

A new bus station is put into operation at Frenkendorf-Füllinsdorf railroad station. Lines 75 and 76 operate at stop edge A, line 78 in the direction of Frenkendorf at stop edge B and line 78 in the direction of Lausen at stop edge C. Stop edge D is an unloading and rail replacement stop.

Line 82

The three journeys from Monday to Friday to the Blözen cemetery in Pratteln will no longer be offered. Instead, the gaps in service to the Grüssen center will be closed. The operating times of route 82 will be reduced due to lower demand.

Line 83

The operating times will be adapted to demand. Service will now start at 5.00 am instead of 5.30 am. The service closes at 00.26 am instead of 00.56 am.

Neue Haltestellen, Umbenennungen, Aufhebungen
Line town until now new
70, 71, 72, 76, 78 Liestal Wasserturmplatz Törli
72 Lupsingen - Gewerbe
82 Pratteln Friedhof Blözen -
82 Pratteln Meierhofweg -
82 Pratteln Schmittiplatz -