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Purchasing a U-Abo

Purchasing a U-Abo

1. Buying a U-Abo


Validating a U-Abo-Card is quick and easy at any TNW machine, allowing you a flexible validity period by month or year. This is what you do:

Fill out a form here and upload your picture and passport or identity card. The U-Abo-Card will be sent to you by post - free of charge.

In person

The BVB customer centre in the Barfüsserplatz or the BLT sales point in the Heuwaage can take a passport photo and provide you with a U-Abo card then and there.

In writing

Use the application slip incorporated in many of the TNW brochures.

2. Validating the U-Abo

The U-Abo app: the season ticket that sits on your phone

With the U-Abo app, your season ticket subscription can be validated by month or year from any date in exactly the same way as the U-Abo card (max. 2 months in advance). If a U-Abo is for a calendar month (e.g. December), you can choose a flexible start date (for a month or a year, for example 10.11.19 to 09.12.19).

More information about the U-Abo app (in German only).

On a TNW machine

  • For identification purposes, hold the U-Abo card up to the contact point on a ticket machine.
  • You choose the time duration (flexible start date) and pay with EC-Maestro card, Postcard or credit card.
  • A renewed U-Abo subscription is issued in the form of a handy U-Abo ticket.
  • The personal subscription is only valid in conjunction with a personal ID (identity card, passport, Half-Fare travelcard, SwissPass, U-Abo card or TNW Grundkarte).
  • The U-Abo is only as original (not laminated) a valid ticket.

On an SBB machine

A monthly or yearly U-Abo subscription can also be purchased around the clock at any of the 70 SBB ticket machines in the TNW area. For this, you need a valid SwissPass (available at any SBB ticket desk).

  • Payment is made in cash, EC-Maestro card, Postcard, credit card, Reka-Card or with Reka-Checks.

Paying with a deposit slip

Instead of using a vending machine, you can also pay for a U-Abo subscription using a deposit slip. These deposit slips are issued either by calendar month or calendar year and are sent out by post. Payment for the desired calendar month (or calendar year) can be made at a post office counter, at the BVB customer centre at Barfüsserplatz or at the BLT sales point at the Heuwaage. The stamped receipt handed back to you is your valid ticket when held together with personal ID (identity card, passport, Half-Fare travelcard, SwissPass, U-Abo Card or TNW Grundkarte).

TNW subscriptions on the SwissPass

Your personal U-Abo subscription (month or year) can also be uploaded on the SwissPass. It is the companion for your mobility and leisure. the SwissPass contains besides your subscription for the public transportation also access to leisure programs of various associates. On the SwissPass there are no information connecting to your subscription. With your customer account you can Access your information anytime on Like this you can manage your personal information conveniently online and you are always informed about new offers.

Ordering the Annual U-Abo online

The annual U-Abo can be ordered through the webshop from BVB and BLT (in German language only).

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Map of the network

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