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TNW Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz  Stänzlergasse 3  CH-4051 Basel

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X-Ray AG Communications
CH-4125 Riehen



Andrew Craven Communications
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4106 Therwil

1. Online content

The TNW can accept no responsibility for the timeliness, completeness, quality or accuracy of the information provided on this site. No liability can be accepted by the TNW relating to damage of any kind that may arise out of the use or non-use of information featured on the site (i.e. by using incorrect or incomplete information), provided that the TNW has not been found to be intentionally or grossly negligent. All offers are non-binding. The TNW reserves the right to change, amend, temporarily withdraw or permanently terminate published web content without notice.

2. References and links

For direct or indirect references to third-party websites (hyperlinks) which are outside the responsibility of the author, a obligation for liability only applies:

a) in the event that the TNW is aware of the content of these sites, and

b) if it is technically possible and reasonable for the TNW to prevent the use of any content therein that is not legally compliant. The TNW declares that no illegal content was found on any linked pages at the time that they were linked. The TNW is not able to influence the content or the origin of the linked pages or their current or future design. The TNW therefore expressly dissociates itself from all content of all linked pages that may be changed after links were created. These statements apply to all links and references placed within hyperlinked pages, as well as entries from third parties in guestbooks, discussion forums and mailing lists provided by the TNW. Any and all liabilities for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content, in particular for any damage resulting from the use or non-use of such information, is the responsibility of the provider of the linked page(s), and not to any person or organisation who merely refers to these pages by use of links.

3. Copyright and Trademarks

In all of its publications, the TNW makes every attempt to observe the copyrights of all graphics, pictures and texts, to use its own stock of graphics, pictures and texts, or to access license-free graphics, pictures and texts. All trade names and trademarks, which are protected by third parties, and mentioned within the TNW internet site, are subject without restriction to the provisions of trademark law and the property rights of their registered owners. 

The reproduction or use of graphics, images and texts in TNW electronic or printed publications does not imply that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights. The copyright of material created by the TNW remains solely with the TNW (as author) of the pages. Any replication or use of materials, such as diagrams, images or texts, in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the express permission of the author. Inquiries should be directed to info@tnw.c

4. Privacy Policy

Users who enter personal or business details (mail addresses, names, addresses) within the TNW internet site do so voluntarily. As far as is reasonable and technically possible, the use of and payment for services offered within the site can be undertaken anonymously or by the use of a pseudonym. Third parties are forbidden from using contact data contained in these publishing details or comparable materials, such as postal addresses, telephone & fax numbers and email addresses for the dissemination of any information not expressly requested. Legal action may result for senders of so-called spam mails who violate this prohibition.

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is an integral part of the internet content to which this page refers. In the event of sections or individual parts of this statement not being found to be legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain unchanged. All infringements will be prosecuted. In the case of dispute, Swiss law applies. Jurisdiction is Basel.

Basel, December 2016  TNW Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz

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