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A brief guide to pricing tariffs

As of December 9, 2018 some tariff regulation changes will become effective. The TNW will continue to have its own general tariff regulations (T651.0) for the specific TNW products. Within the effort of national harmonisation of tariff regulations, some regulations can only be found in the national tariff regulations T600 such as for bicycles, dogs, hand luggage etc. The key change for the TNW refer to bicycles, please see comments below.

The general tariff regulations (German) relate to all pricing within the TNW.

The U-Abo, and in the event of loss

The U-Abo is only valid as a legal ticket as originally supplied (not laminated).

Transferable monthly and annual subscriptions cannot replaced. In the event of loss, they must be renewed as for a first-time buyer.

Lost or damaged personal, non-transferable monthly and yearly subscriptions can be replaced on payment of a CHF 30.00 fee.

Residents of Canton of Basel-Stadt should contact the BVB Customer Centre on Barfüsserplatz. Tel. 061 685 14 14

Residents of the cantons of Basel-Landschaft, Aargau and Solothurn should contact the BLT sales office in Heuwaage/Basel. Tel. 061 406 11 88 or 061 406 11 99

Replacement season tickets are also available at manned SBB stations.

Validity of other tickets

Junior Card/Children's Carpool/Grandchild Card

  • The junior card/children's accompanying card (Junior- Karte/Kinder-Mitfahrkarte) allows children from the age of 6 to the before their 16th birthday to travel free when accompanied by a parent with a junior card or who holds a children's accompanying card.
  • The accompanying adult must also carry their own valid ticket (TNW single ticket, multi-use ticket, day ticket, U-Abo or GA).
  • Junior cards/children's accompanying cards can be purchased at SBB counters and costs CHF 30.- per child (please bring your passport or other official ID of the child).


Children up to the day before their 6th birthday travel free of charge accompanied by an adult. If not accompanied, a ticket at the reduced price is required. A maximum of eight children can travel free of charge per accompanying person. Children from 7 to 16 years of age travel for a reduced price. Inspectors are entitled to demand proof of age.

GA travel card (GA)

The GA entitles holders to travel free throughout the TNW area.

Half-Fare Subscription

With the exception of the U-Abo, all TNW tickets are available at a reduced price for holders of a Halbtax subscription.

seven25 travelcard

If you haven`t yet reached your 25th birthday and like to travel in the evening, then seven25 travelcard is ideal. This means you have free travel from 7 pm to 5 am on all lines within the tarif network TNW.

Group tickets

Reduced price options are available for groups and school classes of 10 or more. In addition to cheaper group travel, every tenth person travels for free. Group tickets are available at the larger sales points/stations as well as many TNW ticket machines. A requirement from all the transport companies is advance pre-registration. Sales offices will be glad to help you plan your trip.

Basel-City ticket

The Basel City tickets obtained from stations outside the TNW area are only valid in the TNW zone 10: Basel, Riehen, Bettingen, Allschwil, Binningen, Bottmingen, Schönenbuch, Münchenstein, Muttenz and Birsfelden.

Prams, strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles and dogs

Rules covering the carriage of bicycles, prams/strollers and wheelchairs are determined by the individual transport companies.


Prams and strollers can be transported free of charge within TNW.


Wheelchairs can be transported free of charge within TNW.


The transport of bicycles brought on by passengers is possible provided space is available. For all transport companies such transport is generally only available outside rush-hour times and again, only when there is sufficient space. Payment for bike transport is at the reduced 2nd class Price. Family benefit tickets (junior card/children's travel card) also apply to bicycles.

Dogs and small animals

In principle, a reduced price 2nd class ticket is required for the transport of dogs. Small dogs (shoulder height up to 30 cms), cats, rabbits, birds and household pets travel free of charge if they are carried as hand luggage in bags, cages, baskets or other suitable containers. If these animals are taken out of their containers during transport, a reduced 2nd class ticket needs to be bought for each animal. For dogs with a shoulder height of more than 30 cms., a U-Abo at the junior price is also valid.

Further information

Fine for travelling without a valid ticket

Passengers without a valid ticket will be fined 100 francs. In the case of repetition this amount will be increased (Verbundtarif Nordwestschweiz 651.0).

Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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