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Changes at BVB

New night service

BVB's night-time public transport services will become even more attractive: lines 1, 6, 8, 14, 15, 16, 30, 32, 33, 34 and 36 will now run three times an hour on regular routes from Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday as well as before most public holidays. The previous night service routes N6, N14, N20, N21 and N22 will be discontinued.

Special features of the new night service:

  • Line 6 will run between Riehen and Claraplatz and line 8 between Kleinhüningen and Claraplatz every 30 minutes.
  • Line 15 runs from Bruderholz via Messeplatz to Schifflände. From Schifflände the tram continue as line 16 in the direction of Bruderholz. The two lines do not run in the opposite direction.
  • Line 32 runs betwenn Bettingen Dorf and Riehen station and continues from there as line 34 to Bottmingen.
  • Line 36 also serves the Friedrich-Miescher-Str. stop and runs to and from Dreiländereck.

Line 31

Line 31 will be reduced to a 30-minute frequency from monday to saturday between 8 pm and midnight. At the same time, line 38 will be increased so that the aproximate 15-minute frequency between Hörnli Grenze and Claraplatz will be maintained.

Line 32

The timetable will be adjusted on the basis of capacity utilization. Buses will now run every 15 minutes during the week in the morning (instead of every 30 minutes).

Line 38

From Monday to Saturday, buses will now run every 30 minutes between Wyhlen and Bachgraben from 8 pm to midnight. From Bachgraben (direction Bahnhof SBB), line 38 will continue as line 48.

Line 42

Two additional new services will run between Drei Linden - Habermatten - Bettingen Dorf to Chrischonaklinik at lunchtime (closing and starting of school).

Line 48

From Monday to Saturday, buses will now run from 8 pm to midnight between Bachgraben and the SBB railroad station. From Bachgraben (in the direction of Wyhlen), route 48 will continue as route 38.

Increased frequency in night services

The following lines will be extended from Monday to Saturday from 8 pm to 10.30 pm (in sections):

  • Line 1: Bahnhof SBB-Badischer Bahnhof
  • Line 6: Morgartenring-Allschwil Dorf

Adjusted bus stop service at Tellplatz

Due to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (BehiG), line 15 in the direction of Bruderholz at Tellplatz now serves the stop on line 16 in Güterstrasse instead of in Bruderholzstrasse as before. This stop will be removed.

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