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Distripass TNW (TNW and DistriBus)

The Saint-Louis Agglomération (SLA) has a tariff association. The Distripass is valid on the DistriBus (Saint-Louis Agglomération) and throughout the TNW area incl. the RVL zones 1 - 3 near the border. The subscription is not transferable but can be replaced for a fee if lost. The Distripass is issued with a flexible starting date and available as monthly or annual season ticket.

Residents from France and from the TNW area obtain the Distripass TNW via the U-Abo Card. With an existing U-Abo Card, the Distripass TNW can be bought and renewed at green machines in Switzerland (not available at green machines in France) or at BVB and BLT counters. The U-Abo Card can also be ordered online.

Distripass (effetive as of 10.12.2023)
Season tickets Adult (2nd Class) 25 (24.99 years) and under
Monthly season ticket 106.00 81.00
Annual season ticket 1024.00 782.00
Prices in CHF incl. VAT, prices subject to change.

Abo Presto combiné TNW (TNW und SNCF)

The Presto combiné is valid for cross-border commuters from France on a defined route section in Alsace to any location in the TNW area, including Basel SNCF (located adjacent to Basel SBB). Examples include Colmar-Basel SNCF or Altkirch-Basel SNCF). For residents in the TNW area, Presto combiné is valid throughout the TNW area, the RVL zones 1 - 3 near the border, the DistriBus area as well as on the SNCF route to Mulhouse.

French Residents can apply for a season pass at railway stations in the Alsace.

Residents in the TNW area can apply for a season pass at the BVB customer centre in Barfüsserplatz or at the BLT customer centre on the Heuwaage.

More information can be found on the brochure triregio (German) or on the triregio website (German).