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Disabled passengers

Disabled passengers

The Disability Card for passengers with disabilities (Form 82.62dfi)

A companion and/or a guide dog for the blind may travel for free when accompanying a disabled person who is not able to travel alone. A passenger with a handicap or his/her companion must have a valid ticket.

Visually impaired passengers

The VöV Ausweiskarte (Public transport Association ID card) for the visually impaired is valid for BVB, BLT and AAGL travel in zones 10, 11, 13, 14 and 15. On presentation of this special card, holders as well as an accompanying person and a guide dog may all travel free.


Wheelchairs are transported free of charge within the TNW area, provided that the user travels with them and safety is ensured.

Transport of electric wheelchairs: The BVB brochure (in German) on folding ramps shows the stops of all BVB lines and some of the BLT lines that are suitable for folding ramps and those that have been converted to high stopping edges to comply with BehiG (Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz). At these edges, it is possible to get on and off with an electric wheelchair.

Telephone ticket for travelers with disabilities

Handicapped passengers who do not need to be accompanied can obtain tickets via the free number 0800 181 181. This telephone booking facility was launched on 9 December 2007. No paper tickets are issued for the journey itself, but passengers must possess an «Ausweiskarte für Reisende mit einer Behinderung» (Disability Card for Disabled Travellers).

Tips for accident-free travel

Public transport is considered to be the safest mode of transport. Nevertheless, there are a number of dangers, especially for the elderly, which can be avoided if care is taken.

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Map of the network

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