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Ticket Inlfex Basel - Saint-Louis

Ticktet Tarif Inflex - Travel on a predefined route (on routes no. 3 or 603/604)

Ticket «Tarif Inflex»:
The new ticket «Tarif Inflex» is a reduced fare and only valid on cross-border journeys between Barfüsserplatz and Saint-Louis on tram route number 3 and on cross-boarder journeys on bus routes number 603 and 604 between Schifflände and the last stop of these bus routes in France. The ticket is not valid on trains.
The Billett Inflex does not allow to travel on tram routes between Schifflände and Barfüsserplatz and does not allow to travel beyond the tram stop Barfüsserplatz (i.e. neither to tram stop Bankverein nor to Aeschenplatz etc.). Those travellers can purchase a regular cross boarder single ticket for 2 zones.
The Billett Inflex can be purchased on the green ticket machines along the routes concerned.

U-Abo Subscription and GA Travelcard:
The U-Abo Subscription is now valid throughout the DistriBus area in France, with the exception of TER and SNCF routes. The GA Travelcard is acknowledged throughout the DistriBus area in France, with the exception of TER and SNCF routes.

Note that the Half Fare Travelcrad is not valid for general cross-border journeys. There are no further reductions for children nor for owner of a Half Fare Travelcrad.

French tickets:
In return, DistriBus season tickets are valid on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) on tram route no. 3 between the national border and Barfüsserplatz and on bus routes 603/604 to Schifflände in Basel as well as bus route 608 to Bachgraben, Allschwil.

The «Tarif Inflex réduit» is only valid in connection wiht a Carte de réduction annuelle inflex (Carte Annuelle), which can be purchased at the sales offices of DistriBus. It is a French solution for frequent travellers, but it is also available to Swiss customers.

Tarif Inflex (effective as of 10.12.2023)
CHF Tarif Inflex Tarif Inflex réduit*
3.40 2.90*
All prices in CHF incl. VAT. Prices subject to change. *Tarif Inflex réduit is only valid for owners of a valid «Carte de réduction annuelle inflex» which can be purchased on the sales offices of Distribus in France.


Further questions and answers can be found on the German Homepage .