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Cross-zone season tickets

Modul-Abo season ticket

What is the Modul-Abo?

The Modul-Abo is a season ticket for commuters who travel between two tariff networks, or beyond a tariff network, and who also want to use local transport. With the Modul-Abo season ticket, the existing facility for direct routes (route subscriptions) is linked to allied zones (joint subscription) and merged into a single ticket. The module subscription is only available in conjunction with a SwissPass and can be bought anywhere in Switzerland from March 23, 2017.

The Modul-Abo replaces the existing cross-zone season ticket, and in addition offers flexible combinations of both routes and zones.

The tariff regulations for Modul-Abo are described in T657, in turn derived from the T650 (route subscription), the T651.0 (TNW network tariff) and the T651.X, an optional tariff network addition.

Click here for more information about the Modul-Abo (German only).

The Modul-Abo season ticket is available from the SBB (and not from the BVB or BLT).

From Q2 2017, the Inter Abo VagABOnd-TNW has been replaced by the Modul-Abo season ticket. In future, commuters travelling between Delemont and Basel will need to purchase a Modul-Abo zone-to-zone ticket. This comprises, for example, the VagABOnd Zone 10 for Delemont (additional zones are available), the Delemont-Basel route and all TNW zones (U-Abo).

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Map of the network

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