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New combination ticket for Badischer Bahnhof car park and public transport (Tram or Bus) to the Beyeler Museum

The Badischer Bahnhof parking is now offering a combined ticket for a maximum of 5 hours parking duration in the car park at a price of CHF 10 (included financial support of Riehen). Part of this combi-ticket is a return journey with public transport by Tram or Bus between the stops Badischer Bahnhof and Fondation Beyeler for two people within the five-hour parking period.

How to do it:
Obtain your combi-ticket from the car park ticket machine at the beginning of the parking period - issueing an additional receipt. This receipt - in combination with the car park ticket - serves as a tram ticket for you and your companion between the stop Bad.Bahnhof and Fond.Beyeler. It is not necessary to stamp the ticket in advance, as the starting time is printed on the car park ticket.

The TNW wishes you a relaxed visit to the museum.