TNW – Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz

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The TNW Zone

  • Pricing is calculated on the number of zones travelled within a journey.
  • The number of zones and times of validity are printed on the ticket.
  • Within the time of validity, a single journey can be taken by a combination of trains, buses and trams from a starting point to your destination.
  • Tickets valid for 8 or more zones are valid for a one-way journey throughout the TNW area.
  • Holders of a Halbtax-Abo (half-fare travelcard) can buy tickets (but not season tickets) at discounted rates.
  • Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines, from drivers of suburban buses or by using the ticket app (Ticket-Apps).

Single Tickets

For those who just want a quick way to get from A to B.


Multi-use Tickets

A perfect way to save travel costs for the occasional traveller!


The Day Ticket

A day of carefree travel: any number of journeys throughout the day of your choice!


City Park&Ride


Overlapping Area «oberes Fricktal»

For travellers from «oberes Fricktal» to destination points in the area of A-Welle


Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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