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Frequent public transport users

If you travel frequently by train, bus or tram, your best cost-effective option is the U-Abo season ticket.

Occasional public transport users

If you travel by public transport from time to time, you save 10% when you use a multi-use ticket.

Day tourism and excursions

Returning the same day over more than 4 zones without a Halbtax (Half-Fare) travelcard? Then your best bet is the day-ticket (all day run-around ticket) at CHF 18.70.


Accompanied children 6 and under may travel free of charge.

Children from 7 up to (but not including) their 16th birthday may travel free of charge when accompanied by a parent holding a Junior-Karte (junior card) or with an owner of a Kinder-Mitfahrkarte (accompanied children's card).


Reduced price options are available for groups and school classes of 10 or more. A requirement from all the transport companies is advance pre-registration. Group tickets are available at the larger sales points/stations as well as many TNW ticket machines. Sales offices will be glad to help you plan your trip.

Events (S-Tickets)

The TNW offers a variety of one-off tickets for special events (carnival etc.). Special event tickets are available at TNW ticket machines.

Map of the network

Map of the network

Tram and bus routes
The greater Basel area

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