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The U-Abo Season Ticket

U-Abo Subscription

With just the U-Abo you can travel anywhere in the entire TNW network (all zones) - similar to the travelcard GA (general subscription). How easy is that? The U-Abo has been valid trinationally since June 2021. It is also recognized in zones 1, 2 and 3 of the RVL (Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach) and in the area of the French Distribus.

Trinational validity of the U-Abo:

  • From 15th December 2019, the validity of the U-Subscription was extended to include zones 1, 2 and 3 of the regional public transport area (RVL) in south-west Germany adjacent to the Swiss border. This means that, the U-Abo will also be recognised as a valid ticket in the Geman cities of Weil am Rhein, Lörrach and Rheinfelden as well as the communities of Grenzach-Wyhlen, Binzen and Eimeldingen in the district of Lörrach (note: this does not apply to the GA). This extension is initially planned to run for a two-year trial period. Detailed information (in German only) can be found here.
  • As of 1 June 2021, the validity of the U-Abo season ticket will be expanded to include the entire French Distribus area. The extension does not apply to the S-Bahn (TER) or the SNCF trains. The validity of this mutual recognition is for a trial period of two years. Detailed information (information in German only) can be found here.

Not out and about every day? A monthly subscription for adults is already worthwhile after a good eleven days if, for example, you make two trips a day (return trip) within a zone. It is worthwhile for young adults from the age of seven and for senior citizens from nine days. With two trips a day across two zones, a monthly subscription is worthwhile after nine days for adults, after six days for young adults and eight days for senior citizens.

The annual U-Abo is particularly advantageous: just get yours and ride in comfort for the whole year. What’s more, you get two months free: subscribe for ten months and it’s yours for the entire 12. That’s not all: you get to choose when you want to start the date for your year’s travel.

In order to make the price of the U-Abo season ticket particularly attractive, individual communities and the participating cantons together subsidise the cost of the U-Abo for all taxpayers in the TNW area.

U-Abo for adults, personal

The subscription is personal - issued in your name, which means it cannot be transferred to anyone else. It is only valid together with some other form of personal ID (identity card, passport, SwissPass, U-Abo Card or TNW basic card). If you leave your U-Abo at home, you have ten days to produce it at any of our sales offices. All you pay is a CHF 5 processing fee and not the surcharge for travellers who don’t own a valid ticket, which is at least CHF 100. Should you lose your personal subscription, you can order a replacement, for which the processing fee is CHF 30.

U-Abo for adults, transferable

A transferable U-Abo is also available. It is issued in your name, but an ID isn’t required and this U-Abo can be loaned to anyone else. However: if you lose it, you cannot get a replacement substitute, and leaving it at home is considered as travelling without a valid ticket. The transferable U-Abo is only valid for the indicated pass holder in the RVL zones 1, 2 and 3 within the two years probation period indicated above.

U-Abo for senior citizens and disabled persons

Pensioners’ and disability season tickets are only available as a personal subscribtion for 2nd class travel. In order to qualify for subscription for disabled persons, on first application you will need to bring confirmation of disability or eligibility for pension.

U-Abo young adults

People up to the age of 25 (25th birthday) can save money with the U-Abo for young adults. These U-Abos are only available as a personal subscribtion for 2nd class travel.

Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section.

More information on various purchasing and payment possibilities can be found under Purchasing a U-Abo.

To order your U-Abo subscribtion you have different options: Ordering a U-Abo (in German).

U-Abo costs (effective 11.12.2016)
Residence and tax domicile Monthly U-Abo Annual U-Abo
2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class 1st Class
Adult (domicile in the TNW area) 80.00 154.00 800.00 1540.00
Adult (not domiciled in the TNW area) 105.00 179.00 1050.00 1790.00
Adult transferable (domicile in the TNW area) 100.00 188.00 1000.00 1880.00
Adult transferable (not domiciled in the TNW area) 125.00 213.00 1250.00 2130.00
Senior citizens (men: 65+, women: 64+) (domicile in the TNW area) 67.00 -- 670.00 --
25 or under (domicile in the TNW area) 53.00 -- 530.00 --
25 or under (not domiciled in the TNW area) 78.00 -- 780.00 --
All prices are in CHF including VAT. Prices subject to change. «Domicile in the TNW» is anyone officially registered as a resident in a municipality within the collective TNW (north-west Switzerland) tariff zone.
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Map of the network

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