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Switzerland - France


The two associations, Tarifverbund Nordwestschweiz (TNW) and Saint-Louis Agglomération (SLA), have agreed to recognise each other's season tickets. From 1 June 2021, U-Abo Subscribtion customers will be able to travel throughout the Distribus area in France at no extra charge. In return, Distribus customers will be able to travel to the centre of Basel at weekends.

  • The validity of the TNW U-Abo Subscription will be extended to the entire Distribus area in France, i.e. the season ticket is valid as far as towns in Alsace near the border such as Saint-Louis, Hagenthal and Leymen.
  • Mutual recognition does not apply to SNCF or TER routes.
  • The following are not valid for cross-border travel: tickets limited to internal travel within either of the two respective associations, SLA and TNW. These include day tickets and the Junior Travelcard/Children's Co-Travelcard.
  • The GA Travelcard is recognised as valid to travel in the Distribus area.
  • You can find more information in the triregio brochure (in German) or at (in German or French).

Single ticket

Single tickets to and from France.


Ticket Inlfex Basel - Saint-Louis


Day tickets

Carefree with a TriRegio ticket: any number of trips in the region!


Connceting ticket - DistriBus area

For people with a valid ticket within TNW (Switzerland) crossing the boarder


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Distripass and AlsaPlus – just the ticket for those travelling regularly between France and Switzerland.