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The advantages of a U-Abo

The advantages of a U-Abo

Whether you’re off to work, school or just having a leisure trip, the U-Abo is the right choice for almost all mobility needs. And the best thing about it is the attractive price: at just CHF 2.87 a day – even lower at CHF 2.26 a day for an annual pass (for people living in the TNW area) – the U-Abo is unbeatably cheap. And it’s valid even beyond the Swiss border. Since June 2021, the U-Abo has been recognised trinationally: in zones 1, 2 and 3 of the RVL (Regio Verkehrsverbund Lörrach in Germany) as well as in the French Distribus area (Saint-Louis Agglomération, without SNCF).

Not travelling every day? Still not a problem: a monthly travel pass for adults can even be a worthwhile investment if you’re only on the go for as little as 11 days. For example, if you make two round-trip journeys a day within one zone. For young people and senior citizens, as well as for journeys across several zones, it pays off even if you’re on the move for fewer days.

The U-Abo is one of the most attractive public transport offers in Switzerland: With the TNW, unlimited mobility in the entire TNW area, including over the border in France and Germany, costs the same or less than season tickets in other cities and regions with limited validity in up to two zones. On top of that, you can find additional attractive discounts in the new U-Abo voucher portal – available only to U-Abo season ticket holders.

Savings tip: With the annual season ticket you travel two months for free – pay for ten months and you get to use the U-Abo for the full year. Find out more about subscriptions and purchase options here.